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BTAT urges region’s establishments to embrace global ICT infrastructure technologies
Date : 27 Mar, 2008
Leading Middle East Information and Communications Technology(ICT) systems integrator, BT Applied Technology (BTAT), has called on the region's establishments to increase efficiency of operations and services and maintain resources by becoming more technologically savvy.

This was highlighted during BTAT's participation at the Smart Buildings Expo, held in Kuwait last week, where the company showcased their integrated solutions.


Issam Abounasr, Business Development Director at BTAT said, 'Integrated systems have many positive spins in terms of cost savings and reducing environmental impact. 

'By unifying the control of various systems within a single control unit, operational costs are significantly reduced, efficiency is improved, safety and security is increased and resources, such as energy and water, are conserved.

"Through integrating ICT systems infrastructures we seek to reduce environmental footprint and save costs across various sectors".

Abounasr added that upgrading and integrating technological infrastructures should therefore be at the forefront of development agendas.

Abounasr also pointed out that BTAT is putting its technical and human resources in the service of all sectors to develop solutions; from research and development, through to execution, operation and staff training.

Noteworthy, BTAT's booth at Kuwait Smart Buildings Expo attracted a large number of trade visitors representing public and private organizations. Visitors were briefed on a number of the company's cutting-edge projects, including the new terminal at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport in Egypt, the Ministry of Interior Central Security Buildings in Saudi Arabia, and King Abdulaziz Endowment Project in Mekkah, Saudi Arabia - which largely contributed to building BTAT's profile in the region.


Next on their agenda, BTAT is planning to showcase its innovative solutions at the upcoming "Intelligent Buildings -Building Futures Gulf by BATIMAT" in Abu Dhabi next month. 

'Through participating in such trade shows, we aim at raising awareness of global technological trends in the field. Our participation in Kuwait was just the beginning - we hope to take our innovations across the region and beyond, setting international standards as we go', concluded Abounasr.

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