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Strong and Proven Project Management Track Record  
  • System integration of smart technologies is a reality and is delivering added value to end users. Clients incorporating this technology have found themselves keeping well ahead of traditional competition. BTAT is providing the latest state of the art technology solutions and consulting services primarily focusing on forming partnerships with the Client. BTAT understands that success is attained by providing exceptional quality and superior products for every aspect of the Projects and is empowered by having global partners for ensuring full support in the application of evolving innovative technologies.
  • BTAT's proposal is based on the following primary project drivers:
  • Timely and efficient delivery
  • Exceptional availability
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Low maintenance
  • BTAT's approaches all projects using a comprehensive Project Management methodology, ensuring that the Client / Customer is satisfied at all times and no “surprises” are encountered that could negatively impact Client’s business or investment, thereby obtaining optimal results and ensuring quality.
BTAT Project Management  

Due to its experience of large, complex projects, in both the private and the public sectors, BTAT recognizes the critical importance of optimal project management and the need for first-class, highly skilled, and dedicated Project Managers.

To ensure that a trouble-free implementation is delivered, BTAT has developed a proven process for managing large, complex projects. All projects are executed through a well-defined and proven process, based on adherence to best-in-class standards and widely recognized methodologies. It is BTAT's responsibility to adhere to the outlined processes & procedures to ensure delivery of the three main elements of the project:

  • Quality: The solution is appropriate to the purpose. The scope of the project will be clearly defined and agreed upon before implementation begins. This will include detailed Acceptance Criteria and Acceptance Procedures.
  • Timely Completion:For complex projects, BTAT uses a top-level project planning, supported by detailed individual elements planning via Primavera software. This tried & tested approach makes the planning and management of the project schedule manageable and controllable. All of BTAT's projects management teams utilize the project planning tools software and Project is completed on time.
  • Budget: Budget to the customer is kept to a minimum, consistent with quality and time deadlines. All projects are carefully managed to ensure that the agreed costs are met and that there are no surprises. Any changes to the scope or and / or costs of the project will be managed through the change management process.
Project Deliverables  

The key deliverable is the successful implementation of the project and to achieve this, and as part of the Project Management Process, BTAT produces the following project deliverables:

  • Scoping Document
  • Acceptance Criteria and Procedures
  • Top Level Project Plan (Schedule) with supporting detailed plans
  • Project Team Structure with contact details
  • Communications Plan
  • Change Management Process
  • Risk Analysis and Critical Success Factors
Post Project Review  
The post-project reviews confirms that the project has been completed and all requirements have been met.
Case Studies
Development of King Abdul-Aziz Endowment Project
The Evolution of the Internet has resulted in the steady application of the convergence approach to effectively integrate and cost-effectively manage building automation systems and services resulting in increased savings and reduced capital expenditures.
White Papers
The intent of this research is to provide documented evidence and build tools that can be used to educate and influence end-users, building owners, architects, and contractors that a "greener building" can be achieved using intelligent technology, and will provide a tangible and significant return on investment. This concept – intelligent, green, and profitable – is what we call a bright green building.