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Leading ‘smart facility’ specialists showcase at Kuwait Smart Buildings Expo
Date : 09 Mar, 2008
BT Applied Technology, the leading systems integrator behind some of the Middle East's most technologically advanced buildings, will be showcasing their cutting edge technology solutions at Kuwait Smart Buildings Expo running from 17 to 19 March at Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

BT Applied Technology specializes in total turn-key solutions providing organizations with a single, and smart, view of their multiple separate systems.

As part of its offerings, the company has been responsible for smart buildings across the Middle East including the new terminal at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport in Egypt, the Ministry of Interior Central Security Buildings in Saudi Arabia as well as projects as high profile as that of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project in Makkah.

Issam Abounasr, Business Development Director at BTAT says, 'At the Endowment Project we deployed one of the largest converged networks in a closed complex worldwide, serving over 65,000 service outlets'.

'We have a good track record of delivering innovative and challenging projects on time to the highest levels of technical excellence.'

BTAT are shaping the way ahead for the smart building industry.

They have the first fully dedicated research and development facility in the region, which works in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Industrial Liaison Program.

'From BT Applied Technology's perspective, a system within an organization, whether a legacy system, Enterprise Resource Planning Suite, or an IP Telephony system, is nothing but a service that has a predefined set of input parameters and may or may not retain data.'

Abounasr continues that BTAT develops innovative solutions to bridge the gaps between silos or services and their underlying hardware and software infrastructures and integrates them to provide the organization with a single cohesive view.

About their current projects, Abounasr adds that BTAT have commenced work on the IT infrastructure for the city size campus of King Abdullah University for Science and Technology.

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Development of King Abdul-Aziz Endowment Project
The Evolution of the Internet has resulted in the steady application of the convergence approach to effectively integrate and cost-effectively manage building automation systems and services resulting in increased savings and reduced capital expenditures.
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The intent of this research is to provide documented evidence and build tools that can be used to educate and influence end-users, building owners, architects, and contractors that a "greener building" can be achieved using intelligent technology, and will provide a tangible and significant return on investment. This concept – intelligent, green, and profitable – is what we call a bright green building.