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Smart buildings are qualified for the smart cities era
Date : 21 Apr, 2008
BTAT develops the Middle East's largest converged IP network in a closed complex developed for King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project.

BT Applied Technology (BTAT), the leading Saudi ICT system integrator, has been known to use technology to its best. With many successful projects set up across the Middle East, the company is now at the helm of its new state of the art project, King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project (KAEP) in Meccah, Saudi Arabia.

The 550 meter-high mega residential and commercial project is built over 15 million square metres. It includes a 13 storey main building and seven towers, designed to accommodate over 800 outlets, and 75,000 tenants.

Speaking of the technological capacities of the project, Bandar Hamed Alayed, Business Development Manager at BTAT says, 'We aim through our smart solutions to contribute to the region's shift towards the new technological era. This requires intelligent buildings that are efficient and ready to link to the networks of the future integrated smart cities."

'For example, each of the buildings in the project is well connected by a single, highly advanced converged network; or the main technological infrastructure. All network components are built with the singular aim of using technology for better living conditions for the residents and more efficient management for commercial outlets. At the same time, the network allows addition of applications for any future requirements.'

The project boasts of having the largest converged IP network in a closed complex in the Middle East, one of the largest worldwide; with close to 65,000 IP service outlets.

The single IP network transmits over 18 different applications for communication, multimedia, security and utility systems. Services range from telephony, video conferencing, CCTV, high speed internet, and access control to home automation and integrated building management systems.

"The combination of technology and implementation in this project shows the acumen of the team at BT Applied Technology,' adds Alayed. "Keeping in mind the advancement of technology since the start of the project in 2004, our
constantly updated team is now working at using the latest technology in the remaining two towers.'


First phase of the project went live in September 2006. The project is scheduled for completion in 2010.

Noteworthy, BTAT is currently demonstrating some of its cutting edge smart solutions at Building Futures Gulf Expo in Abu Dhabi, running until Wednesday, April 23rd.

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