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“Hi-tech property will set booming Middle East countries ahead” says leading technology infrastructure specialist
Date : 16 Apr, 2008
Cities throughout the Middle East are developing at a rapid pace, but it is the 'progressiveness' of this development that will ultimately impact on cities' long term sustainability and economic development.

This is according to Issam Abounasr, Business Development Director at leading Saudi ICT system integrator, BT Applied Technology (BTAT).

Abounasr adds, 'Integrated solutions can and do save resources, particularly energy, which impacts on running costs.

'In a region where many resources are in short supply, implementing smart technology and developing smart cities provides long term benefit that will continue to attract investors in years to come'.

He continues that hi-tech infrastructure will set booming Middle East countries ahead and is likely to become a deciding factor for investors looking to maximize returns. 

'Environmental considerations are one aspect of the long term equation, with ease-of-doingbusiness being another that is already making its mark. Smart capabilities are increasingly becoming a necessity, instead of merely a nice-to-have.

'In business orientated development these capabilities speed up processes and increase productivity, once again adding to the bottom line targets and enticing investors.

'Abu Dhabi, in the wake of others in the developments stakes, has the benefit of being able to raise the bench mark. The fact that the city is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the smart industry provides a glimpse at the Emirate's decision-maker's foresight'.

BTAT specializes in providing new generation ICT infrastructures to large scale organizations, equipping them to link to advanced networks of the future smart cities, Thus the company builds for the future while serving the present.

The Building Future Gulf Expo runs from 20-23 April, 2008 at the Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Centre.

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